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czysta energia

Together for Greener Future

About us

Sustainable Energy Forum (SEF) brings together businesses and academia to enhance collaboration in renewable energy. SEF includes chambers of commerce, business associations, academia, research institutes, and the industry.

The founders of SEF include major business organizations from Poland and Austria, namely the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs (FPP) and the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO), along with prestigious technological universities such as AGH University of Krakow and Graz University of Technology. The establishment of the Forum has received enthusiastic support from relevant authorities.

SEF aims to unite the business and scientific communities in order to realise the goals of Net-Zero and sustainable development


We focus on enhancing synergy, driving cross-border research and development initiatives, through pioneering projects in Europe and beyond.

SEF is:

  • place of dialogue

  • cooperation between industry leaders and academic experts

  • exchange of experience 

  • knowledge-sharing platform

  • advancement of renewable projects

  • support from the authorities 



SEF Objectives

  • Maximize opportunities in the international energy market and enhance bilateral cooperation infrastructure.

  • Advocate responsible resource management and support critical raw material projects.

  • Promote circular economy principles and foster waste reduction and eco-friendly practices.


SEF Actions

  • Create a forum of dialogue to facilitate discussions on sustainable energy, resource management, and circular economy projects.

  • Coordinate industry conferences, workshops, and events aligned with our mission.

  • Build strong relationships with universities, industry leaders, and experts.

  • Actively collaborate and share knowledge to develop sustainable energy practices.

  • Provide relevant information to members, keeping them informed about the latest developments in sustainable energy and resource management.


SEF Results

  • Integration of the Intercontinental community, industry and science, pursued with the common aim of creating a sustainable world.

  • Establishment of infrustructure for the industry and science to promote their innovative products.

  • Creation of international network of business and science leaders in the field of sustainability. 

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